Interview With Natalie Carter

Please introduce yourself in 2-5 sentences

Hello! Natalie here, I’m a travel obsessed, fashion loving millennial just like all my other peers! I love the earth and all the culture it’s inhabitants bring.

What made you start wearing scrunchies?

They make my lazy days look like try hard days, so that’s ALWAYS a win!

What made you start create content on social media?

I just truly love editing photos and I find so much freedom and fulfillment in writing and creating.

If you can share one tip for someone who also wants to start create content on social media, what would it be?

Let yourself be who you are, do not try to be anyone else and create content that reflects your passions because that authenticity is what brings people on board and is always going to be genuine!

What's your biggest goal as a creator/blogger?

My biggest goal is to inspire others to follow their passions. We all have purpose but rarely do people pursue it full force because of fear of failure!

Key tip from Natalie: Love yourself. It’s the first step to attaining all you’ve ever wanted.

Thanks for this awesome interview!

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