Interview With Micayla Hemby

Please introduce yourself in 2-5 sentences

I’m Micayla, a blogger from Bellingham, WA! I love the outdoors, coffee, pink wine, ice cream, and anything soft and cozy! I’m excited to be partnering with the scrunchie squad because scrunchies are my everyday look!

What made you start wearing scrunchies?

I have always been super self conscious about my hair because it is so fine and thin. Scrunchies give me the volume look and the confidence I need!

What made you start create content on social media?

I started to create content because I love photos and taking photos and I truly started it as a hobby and didn’t realize how much I would really love doing it!

If you can share one tip for someone who also wants to start create content on social media, what would it be?

Just be YOU. Don’t compare yourself to other pages but always search for inspiration. I’m always looking around while around town for the best spots. Get creative and have fun with it!

What's your biggest goal as a creator/blogger?

My biggest goal is to create fun engaging content for my followers. I’m constantly commenting and liking others posts because I want to spread positivity through my social media page.

Thanks for this awesome interview!

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